Expanding Career Dreams for Girls
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  1. Amelia Earhart, MC, and Shannon Aislin, future pilot
    Transportation and Construction Girl Lunch
    Date: September 28 At: Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel, 3801 Quebec St., Denver 8:30am - Exhibits; 11:15am -Lunch
  2. Career Exploration Days
    Career Exploration Days
    Each month, we will be visiting a different business to get girls more information about careers WestCentral_OmahaFinance_7_2019_Invoice v3 WestCentral_DenverFinance_6_2019_Invoice v3 WestCentral_OmahaFinance_6_2019_Invoice v3
  3. Career Days for Girls
    Career Days for Girls
    Over one week, girls make five stops to engage with women, ask questions and tour work sites. They expand career possibilities and build self esteem.
Career Days for Girls
Inspiring the Next Generation and Celebrating Today's Ground Breakers
Young Women Deserve Career Choices
With more jobs and opportunities in construction and transportation than ever before, it is the perfect time for young women to take advantage of these jobs.  If you want to help us build economic equity, donate now.